Taking a break

We’d like to thank all of our loyal followers on Facebook & Twitter, but Viva Vegas Pets is taking a sabbatical from posting.

In a way to better support our rescues and shelters we’re going to be devoting more of our time to our non-profit, Seniors To The Rescue. We work with older adults in assisted living communities and complete projects that support animal rescues and shelters.

Our current two projects are Boo-Boo Bag, first aid kits, which are given to rescues and shelters to sell and raise donations. The second is Snuggle Beddies, pet fleece blankets.  These are given to shelters to comfort their furry-friends as they are waiting for their forever homes.

If you’d like to support these wonderful programs and the seniors in our community, please visit our website or click here to see how you can help.  We’re also looking to help more rescues and shelters in town.  If you know someone we can help or we can help you, please contact us.

Please share this post to spread the word about Seniors To The Rescue and help local rescues and shelters.

Thank you,

The Viva Vegas Pets Staff


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