Pet Rescue Decals

A Las Vegas Fire & Water Damage Restoration company, Westside Restoration, has donated Pet Rescue window decals to Las Vegas and Henderson Animal shelters in effort to bring awareness to emergency disasters and pet safety.


PRLog (Press Release) – Apr. 1, 2014 – LAS VEGAS — The subject of Pet Safety has received ample media attention recently, in light of the “arson puppies” that were rescued from a set fire at a Las Vegas pet store in January 2014 and are currently being held / adopted-out at the Animal Foundation.

Westside Restoration’s Pet Rescue decals were donated to the shelters, anticipating that new adoptive pet owners would each receive a sticker, take it home and display it in their window. The eye-catching sticker was designed to be adhered to a residential window visible to the outside, thus alerting fireman and/ or rescue workers to pets living inside the home needing rescuing too, in the event of a fire, flood, or any other emergency disaster.

Being pet owners, employees of Westside Restoration value their furry companion’s safety and wish for all pet owners beloved animals to be safely rescued in the event of an emergency. “The first step is awareness” says Melinda from WSR Accounting. “If a rescue worker doesn’t know there are pets in a house, how would they know to rescue them?” “The sticker actually protects the animals by alerting the rescue workers. It shows right there on it– how many dogs and cats you have.” Furthermore, Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine listed a Pet Rescue sticker as a “Practical Planning Tip that can be started immediately to give you assurance and security that your pet will be taken care of in your absence.”

Pets are considered family in many households, and Westside Restoration would like to help keep them unharmed by bringing awareness to pet safety during emergencies—and a Pet Rescue sticker is a good start.

Westside Restoration is an emergency disaster Cleanup, Repair and Restoration Company serving Las Vegas Nevada and Phoenix Arizona. They specialize in Fire, Smoke, Water and Flood damage. They also do mold inspections and mold remediation.

For more information on Westside Restoration, Fire / Smoke or Water / Flood Damage, visit To receive a free Pet Rescue Sticker, send a SASE to:

6320 Hinson Street, Las Vegas, NV. 89118

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