Hydrant Club opens in downtown Las Vegas

Hydrant ClubLAS VEGAS — VIP lounges and entrance fees are common place in Las Vegas, but now there is a social club downtown just for pampered pets and their owners.

The view from the outside is what most of us are likely to see. You need a special key card to get inside the Hydrant Club private park.

Members pay a monthly fee that many people would find expensive considering nearly all other dog parks are free to the public but these dog lovers say it is worth every penny.

A field of grass feels good on the paws and some trees provide shade. However, it comes at a price. Membership fees can vary from around $40 to more than $200 a month.

“That is to know that I can bring my dog somewhere where the other dogs are safe. They’ve been vaccinated. They’ve been screened. My dogs not going to get attacked,” Hydrant Club member Raeanne Gallagher said.

The Hydrant Club offers customized packages based on a pup’s need. Memberships can be all-access seven-days-a-week, or just the weekends or weekdays.

There are also doggie daycare and training options. To play, pooches can’t just pay. This club requires an entrance exam.

The owner, Cathy Brooks, checks to make sure each animal is up to date on shots and pays special attention to behavior.

Aggressive or overly dominant dogs need to get training or go elsewhere.

“We want dogs that kind of have a loose body posture because that indicates just like in humans that they are relaxed,” Brooks said.

The dog owners say downtown Las Vegas needed the Hydrant Club.

“It is something I really wished for moving down here, and influenced my decision to move down here,” downtown resident Alex Hamlin said.

Club members say it is not just for the pets but for the community. They say it is a place where humans can socialize outside of coffee shops or bars.

“In just the last week and a half the dog park has been open, I know ten more people that I would’ve never met before in a healthy environment,” Gallagher said.

The owner, or chief human officer, at the Hydrant Club has been a dog trainer for years, but she had a chance meeting with Zappos CEO and downtown supporter Tony Hsieh while working in the tech industry.

He called her to partner with his Downtown Project to create the park, which opened last Saturday.

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