Southern Nevada Beagle Rescue Needs Your Help

Join $3 Thursday and $5 Friday
We challenge you to donate $3 on Thursday and/ or $5 on Friday and encourage others to do the same. Just imagine for the price of a cup of coffee or a lunch plate, you could help save a dog’s life! 

When you get 5 friends and they get 5 friends and so on, we could really make things happen.

SNBRF is back in the RED!! (Yikes!!))
With all of our dogs recently needing major medical, we have depleted all of our funds and are now in the negative.
We also still have dogs going to surgery this week.
We are happy to help these dogs but cannot continue to do so without funds and your generous aid in our efforts!

Remember all donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE!


After Tomorrow, Thursday July 11, we will not be accepting any more dogs into the rescue. Unfortunately there is a need but we are limited to help without the money to care for these dogs. Almost every single dog that comes in needs medical care. If we are lucky, they only need vaccines. Lately every single dog that has come in has needed much more than vaccines, most needing a surgery.

We have been very fortunate to have the continued donations from our supporters, but right now the need outweighed the support.

We do everything we can to help but sometimes we too hit a wall and just cannot help any more. We are so far in the red, that we actually cannot help another dog until we get out of the red and back into a positive account.

So please challenge yourself to participate in $3 Thursday and $5 Friday and encourage your friends and family as well.

For every donation made on those days, an entry will be achieved in the donors name. You will have the opportunity to win a beautiful pet gate (or for kids) from Richell USA. Here is a link to check out the gates made by this company or Cirque tickets to one of the shows (your choice):

For larger donations, you will get multiple entries!!

The Richell gates are worth hundreds of $ and are simply beautiful!

donating is simple. visit our webiste:

go to paypal and donate to [email protected]

call us up for a credit card over the phone at 702-493-9779. (if you get voicemail, leave a message, all messages are returned), come to the Park meet tomorrow evening at 8:00pm and donate in person by check, cash or credit card. It will be held at Silverado dog park, 9855 Gilespie st, 89123 (down the street from Las Vegas Blvd)

Do you have a Successful Business?

Perhaps you would like to become a corporate sponsor. These donations are tax deductible and we help promote your company and get the word out.This tax deductible donation could help so many dogs..

I implore you to consider becoming a friend of a beagle and donating to SNBRF

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