Help C.A.T.S., Inc to be featured on the Lark Williams TV Show, “Las Vegas Homes with Lark Williams”


From Lark Williams


Hi, This is Lark Williams.  My new show, “Las Vegas Homes with Lark Williams” want to help C.A.T.S., Inc. spread the word about the wonderful work they are doing.  Anyone who knows me, knows I am such an animal advocate and support people that support the forgotten homeless – our four legged fur bodied angels.

 I would like to do a segment on my new TV show featuring Henry and his wife and the work they do to provide food to people who can no longer afford to feed their pets.  So rather than abandon them, leave them for adoption (right, like that’s going to happen) – they give people the opportunity to keep their pets and keep them fed during such a difficult time and transition.

 I embrace their spirit and people that help make it possible.

 Here’s what I can do: I can spread the word through my TV show.  We can feature the organization and its mission and generate more support for this wonderful cause.  I only need to cover costs to make this happen. Simply, we are looking for sponsorships to cover the cost to produce this segment.  Any major donation will be recognized as sponsor/ donor for this segment with great appreciation.

 Henry said that he seldom asks for money, but he has never had this opportunity to reach so many before. So, I’m asking for him. I can’t afford to do it all myself or I would in a minute.

 Together, we can make this happen.  Please donate to C.A.T.S., Inc. now.

 I want to feed a cat or dog on the show this week…

 – Lark

P.S. Here is the show:


Lark Williams

Executive Producer

Las Vegas Homes with Lark Williams

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